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Medical Tourism on Prahova Valley

The optimal ratio between the price paid and the level of training of our experts plays a decisive role in choosing to treat foreigners in Romania. Another reason that attract patients from abroad is the ease with which they can establish consultations with medical specialists. “We had patients in Canada, England, USA, Switzerland, Italy and France, who came to our clinics because I wanted to get a response in a short time.

Medical tourism is a product used increasingly worldwide remain underused in Romania. We have the potential of international affirmation on certain types of medical services (spa, rehabilitation, anti-aging, dentistry, ophthalmology, plastic surgery, etc.) that can be integrated in attractive packages, so that citizens of other countries to choose our country quality of service, low prices and the possibility of recovery and relaxation

Medical tourism services are preset combination between medical and travel services when they are offered for sale at an inclusive price and when the benefits exceed 24 hours.

Medical tourism is a highly profitable niche, due to the diversification of services offered. Medical tourism, the most dynamic sector of the global travel, with a growth rate estimated at 30% annually.

Most often however, medical tourism is under the sign need. Unavailable at home, the latest equipment and sophisticated tools that help to establish a correct diagnosis is imperative and necessary to carry out the complicated surgery, is the main reason we go to clinics abroad.

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