Oral dental surgery deals with irrecoverable teeth extraction, but also save teeth that can not otherwise be recovered, removal of various chronic infections, cysts, growths of soft tissue, tooth extraction or included anchoring etc., all in complete safety maneuvers and sterility.

The oral surgery services (dental alveolar) that we offer are varied: from extraction to implantology.

Tooth extraction becomes necessary when the tooth is compromised and can no longer be saved through the normal procedures of dental therapy; there are cases where it is recommended extraction by orthodontic reasons or to prepare teeth for dental prosthesis.

Implants, on the other hand, are modern procedures and still quite delicate bone fixing a false roots. Ideally, the implant fuses with the bone within a few months following the doctor to anchor a false tooth that will support extension. More about this service you can find in Implantology section of the site


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