It is the method by which that you are missing teeth are replaced with others, artificial – for a smile as natural. There are those that can be fixed prostheses (dental crowns, dental bridges, crown-root devices or pivots, veneers, etc..) Or mobile (partial or full dentures, denture scheletizata, hearing elastic and so on).

In general, our practice covers the entire spectrum of prosthetic devices, from the simplest, such as acrylic provisional crowns, teeth freshly applied sand, through definitive works semifizionomice, metal, acrylic, metal-ceramic, and until all work physiognomy: metal-ceramic, ceramic press and zirconia ceramics etc.
Also do all types of mobile prostheses: total and partial acrylic dentures, hearing scheletizate the staple backstage broken force.

Recovering root is either through crown-root devices (DCR or popular “pivot”) made ​​in the dental laboratory metal alloys or modern, calibrated devices using carbon fiber or glass fiber more resilient, thus protecting root against accidental fractures caused by traditional metallic devices.

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